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Ridgeline Walking Poles

Ridgeline Walking Poles

The all-rounders

Helinox Ridgeline walking poles are well suited to a wide variety of applications from casual day walks to multi-day hikes.

Ridgeline Walking Poles
in use:
per pole:
FL135 90-135 cm 59 cm 188 grams
LB135 103-135 cm 61 cm 232 grams
LBB135 112-135 cm 54 cm 238 grams

In my opinion you can’t go wrong with the FL135

Darren from recently reviewed the FL135: "The FL135 poles performed extremely well. They accepted everything that the terrain and myself could throw at them delivering high compression under a heavy load."

Light & tough

Helinox Ridgeline FL135 Walking Poles are a great all-round pole for a wide variety of conditions. 

The dual twist lock mechanisms allow for easy length adjustment. The FL135 suits persons up to 200 cm tall (6'8").

The larger diameter of Ridgeline poles means less flexing under heavy loads. This makes the poles suitable for those carrying larger packs or traversing difficult terrain. FL135 walking poles are also well suited to general walking.

Ridgeline Walking Poles
Ridgeline Walking Poles

Advanced simplicity

Helinox Ridgeline LB135 and LBB135 Walking Poles are the quickest to operate of all our large diameter walking poles.

The lower sections slide and lock into place with locking buttons and a single lever takes care of the length adjustment.

Operation is very simple and quick. Open the lever and adjust the top section to your desired length then lock it again. Now the lower sections can simply be pulled out and will lock into place in their respective locations. To collapse the pole, just open the lever and in one movement slide all sections back to the compacted position, then lock the lever again.

All Helinox lever locks feature a unique 'lever rest zone' that reduces pressure on the lever whilst in the compacted position. This prolongs service life & durability.

Both the LB135 and LBB135 have a maximum length of 135 cm. The difference is in the compacted size. The LB135 is a 3 section pole and compacts to 61 cm. The LBB is a 4 section pole and compacts to just 54 cm long.

Our Helinox poles were our close companions throughout the trip providing faultless support on even the hardest of days

Here's Jen with her LBB135s while traversing east side of Loch Lomond on the West Highland Way, UK


Ridgeline FL135  Ridgeline LB135 Ridgeline LBB135
Locking mechanism: Friction/twist lock (FL) Lever & button (LB) Lever and dual button locks (LBB)
Packed length: 59 cm 61 cm 54 cm
Length in use: 90 cm - 135 cm 103 cm - 135 cm 112 cm - 135 cm
Weight per pole: 188 grams 232 grams 238 grams
Pole section diameters: 17.3 / 15.8 / 14.7 mm  18.5 / 16.7 / 14.7 mm 18.5 / 16.7 / 14.7 / 13.0 mm
Stowage method: Telescopic Telescopic Telescopic
Suited to walkers: 160 cm to 200 cm high 155 cm to 200 cm high 170 cm to 200 cm high
Pole material: TH72M alloy by DAC
Warranty: 5 years