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Causeway Walking Poles

Causeway Walking Poles

When the going gets tough

Causeway poles will help you traverse the toughest terrain. Larger diameters and robust locking mechanisms provide greater load carrying capacity.

Causeway Walking Poles
in use:
per pole:
DL145 90-145 cm 64 cm 246 grams
GL145 90-145 cm 64 cm 216 grams
GL145SA 90-145 cm 64 cm 231 grams

I was very impressed with the way the grooves in the tubes ensured a strong and reliable grip

Matt spent 20 days walking the John Muir Trail in California with his GL145 poles. "I have used telescopic poles before without this feature [groove lock], and they would loosen and slide out, especially in snow. Well done." Matt also used the GL145's extra length to support his lightweight tent.

Causeway Walking Poles

Tough and simple

Helinox Causeway GL145 Walking Poles provide a quantum leap in trekking pole technology. Other twist lock poles rely only on frictional resistance in the locking mechanism. Helinox GL145 poles add mechanical engagement to massively boost load capacity.

Internal grooves in the tube engage positively with the patented twist locking mechanism to create enduring strength and toughness for the most arduous expeditions.

GL Series are the professional's choice in walking poles – Helinox GL145 poles are used by feral dog control officers in the rugged alpine region of south eastern Australia.


  • Simple twist lock operation.
  • Advanced 'Groove Lock' design – exclusive to Helinox GL poles.
  • Superior strength of DAC TH72M – the lightest & strongest alloy tubing available.
  • Larger diameter of 18.5 mm for maximum resistance to flexing under load.
  • Low profile shafts – no protruding levers or latches.
  • Quality foam grips with 'wicking' wrist straps.
  • Solidly mounted Tungsten Carbide tips.
  • Supplied with operating instructions, rubber tip covers and walking pole guidebook.
  • Optional larger baskets available for use in snow, sand or mud.

Standard vs Shock Absorber

The GL145 is available in two types: as a standard pole or with a built-in shock absorber for those who prefer this feature. Please note that we generally recommend poles without the shock absorbing feature for more reliable grip. When used correctly, the strap on a walking pole helps cushion any impact without the need for a built-in shock absorber.

We both found the poles terrific and would not walk without them anymore.

Bob and his wife walked 450 km from Mt Hotham (VIC) to Tharwa (ACT) on the Australian Alps Walking Trail using GL145s. "It is hard to say where they provided the most utility: walking uphill, walking downhill, striding out on the flat, crossing rivers or tramping through snow – I think for me they really provided additional safety and security when walking down very steep slopes, especially on gravel. They certainly took a load of my knees."

Causeway Walking Poles

The intelligent lever lock

Helinox Causeway DL145 Walking Poles offer the ultimate combination of simple reliable operation and maximum adjustment range.

The Helinox lever locking mechanism is simple, strong, reliable and silent. Unique to Helinox, a 'lever rest zone' reduces tension on the lever when the pole is compacted. This prolongs service life and maintains consistent locking pressure. The lever operates on twin 'cams' for increased locking effectiveness without increased operator effort.

Suitable for walking in all conditions, the DL145 is a favourite pole for bushwalkers who want a strong & stiff pole with maximum adjustable length range – perfect for tent/tarp support.


  • The lightest & strongest alloy tubing available - DAC TH72M.
  • Double lever locking mechanisms.
  • Long maximum length of 145 cm for difficult river crossings or supporting a tent or tarp.
  • Levers operate vertically to reduce accidental disengagement in thick bush conditions.
  • Larger diameter for maximum resistance to flexing under load.
  • Quality foam grips with 'wicking' wrist straps.
  • Solidly mounted Tungsten Carbide tips.
  • Supplied with operating instructions, rubber tip covers and walking pole guidebook.
  • Compatible with optional snow, sand & mud baskets.

we were very impressed with both the product and your excellent service

In early 2016 Tony and Jen walked over 400 km in on a trip to the UK. Here's Tony with his DL145s after a solid climb to the top of Stake Pass in the Great Langdales, Cumbria Way.


Causeway GL145 Causeway GL145SA Causeway DL145
Locking mechanism: Groove lock (GL) Groove lock (GL) Dual lever locks (DL)
Packed length: 64.7 cm 64.7 cm 64 cm
Length in use: 90 cm - 145 cm 90 cm - 145 cm 90 cm - 145 cm
Weight per pole: 216 grams 245 grams 240 grams
Pole section diameters: 18.5 / 16.7 / 14.7 mm 18.5 / 16.7 / 14.7 mm 18.5 / 16.7 / 14.7 mm
Shock absorber: No Yes No
Stowage method: Telescopic Telescopic Telescopic
Suited to walkers: 130 cm to 220 cm 130 cm to 220 cm high 130 cm to 220 cm high
Pole material: TH72M alloy by DAC
Warranty: 5 years