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Helinox Walking Pole Accessories

Keep walking

Helinox walking poles are supplied ready to use complete with bushwalking baskets and rubber tip covers.

If you intend to use your poles in snow, sand or mud, you may want to install larger diameter baskets.

If you use the rubber tip covers for walking in sensitive areas or in the urban environment, you may need to replace worn or displaced tip covers.

Helinox Walking Pole Accessories

Spares & Accessories

Snow/Sand/Mud Baskets

These larger diameter (80 mm) snow baskets help prevent pole tips from burying in snow or soft ground conditions such as sand or mud.

On larger diameter poles (FL135, LB, LBB, GL, DL) snow baskets can either replace the bushwalking baskets entirely or be installed underneath the existing baskets.

For our smaller diameter poles (FL120 and TL), the existing small bushwalking baskets need to be removed before fitting the snow baskets. These can be removed with some effort by pulling and twisting them off.

Tip Covers

Rubber tip covers can be used on pavements or in sensitive areas where the sharp tungsten carbide walking pole tips might cause damage to the ground surface. They also should be used when storing poles to prevent the sharp tungsten carbide pole tips causing damage.

The rubber tips supplied with your Helinox walking poles will eventually wear and can sometimes be dislodged and lost. We offer these sturdy replacement covers to keep you walking!

Spare parts

If your Helinox poles need repair please contact us. We keep a range of spare parts on hand to keep you walking!