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Helinox Lite Cot Camp Stretcher

The feather-light bed

A camp stretcher you can lift with your little finger! Perfect for children or campers with a slim build.




Packed Weight:



Helinox Lite Cot Camp Stretcher

The Lite Cot arrived today and its perfect for me. Very excited to get on the road with it!

Having cycled from Finland across Europe, Russia & Asia, Lauri discovered Lite Cot while in Australia. Here he is relaxing while cycling through New Zealand.

Lightweight camp stretcher

We've taken the Cot One camp stretcher and made it even lighter! Just 1.3 kg packed.

Lite Cot is supplied with 4 legs or 'feet'. The bed can be assembled using all 4 legs or only 3 legs for young campers that don't weigh so much.

The leg parts and long side pole sections are all connected with shock-cord so that they virtually 'self-assemble'.

Please note: 

  • Lite Cot features snap-fit legs that are different to Cot One's lever system.
  • The bed is rated to 120 kg, however campers around 75 kg and under will be the most comfortable.
  • Adult strength is required for assembly and disassembly.


  • Assemble the two long poles and feed these through the sides of the fabric.
  • Assemble the legs.
  • With one long edge of the Cot on the ground and the other above it (so the cot is vertical), snap one end of the leg into the lower side pole. Then using your body weight, flex the leg until it snaps into the top side pole. Repeat until all legs are fitted.

Disassembly is the same procedure in reverse. Stand the cot on its side and use body weight to remove the legs from the top side pole.

Helinox Lite Cot Camp Stretcher


Assembled Packed
Length: 185 cm 53 cm
Width: 60 cm 13 cm
Height: 13 cm 13 cm
Weight: 1.26 kg packed - assembled 1.2 kg
Capacity: 120 kg – best suited to campers under 75 kg
Tension system: Snap-fit legs (requires adult strength to assemble)
Frame: Advanced DAC Alloy
Warranty: 5 years
Helinox Lite Cot Camp Stretcher

Lite Cot won 'Best of the Best' at the 2015 Red Dot Design Awards.