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Helinox Cot Max Camp Stretcher

More room to snooze

The camp stretcher for the big & bigger! Cot Max is longer and wider than Cot One with an extra leg support frame.




Packed Weight:



Helinox Cot Max Camp Stretcher

Max Comfort

Helinox Cot Max is a larger version of the ground-breaking Cot One. This is a camp stretcher for the big and bigger!

Compared to Cot One, bed size is increased to 210 cm x 75 cm (longer and wider) and Cot Max features four legs instead of three. The same lever locking system provides excellent tension to the bed surface. The surface fabric also features additional reinforcing.

Current versions of Cot Max that feature 'version 3' hubs are compatible with the optional extension leg kit.

Where else would you find a big bed this comfortable at less than 3 kg?

Helinox Cot Max Camp Stretcher


Assembled Packed
Length: 210 cm 58 cm
Width: 75 cm 16 cm
Height: 16 cm or 38 cm with leg kit 16 cm
Weight: 2.95 kg packed - Assembled 2.83 kg
Capacity: 145 kg
Tension system: Lever locking
Frame: Advanced DAC Alloy
Warranty: 5 years

Optional extension leg kit weighs approx 700 grams and is 30 cm long.

Helinox Cot Max Camp Stretcher

Helinox Cot Max