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Helinox Accessories

We have a range of accessories for different chairs that enhance their comfort and function:

Ground Sheet

Prevents legs sinking into sand, snow or soft ground. Available in three sizes for Chair One, Chair Two and Camp/Sunset Chairs.

Seat Warmer

Filled with synthetic insulation, the Seat Warmer fits neatly over the existing seat on Chair Zero, Ground Chair, Chair One and Swivel Chair. Comes with a carry bag and weighs 525 grams packed.

Air & Foam Headrest

For Chair Two, Sunset and Beach Chairs. A lighter and quicker alternative to using the carry bag as a neck pillow. Has large, easy to use inflate and deflate valves.

Rocking Feet

These optional, removable rockers are available in three sizes to suit Chair One, Chair Two, Camp Chair and Sunset Chair.

Ball Feet

Removable Ball Feet are a great alternative to a Ground Sheet for muddy conditions. They will help prevent legs sinking and are easier to clean than a Ground Sheet. Available for Chair Zero, Chair Two and Chair One. Note: not designed for use with early Chair One feet that have 'knobs' around their perimeter.

Plus various other accessories. See below.



Ground Sheet for Chair Zero 160 grams
Ground Sheet for Chair One 165 grams
Ground Sheet for Chair Two 180 grams
Ground Sheet for Camp & Sunset Chair 210 grams
Personal Shade - fits most Helinox Chairs (excl Mini, Ground, Zero, Playa)  470 grams
Shoulder Strap  58 grams, 116cm long
Cup Holder 110 grams
Daisy Chain 57 grams, 250cm long
Rocking Foot One 53 cm long, 415 grams
Rocking Foot Two 58 cm long, 430 grams
Rocking Foot XL 69 cm long, 600 grams
Seat Warmer - Black & Red 470 grams
Air & Foam Headrest 190 grams
Ball Feet (small) 255 grams set of 4, 50 mm diameter