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TL Series Walking Poles

Simply the best!

Helinox TL Series folding walking poles are super-compact, simple to operate, strong and light.

TL Series Walking Poles
in use:
per pole:
TL105 105 cm 33 cm 152 grams
TL115 115 cm 35 cm 156 grams
TL125 125 cm 37 cm 164 grams
TLA130 117-130 cm 37 cm 184 grams

I love the fact that they are light and fold away - fantastic when you are travelling by plane with limited luggage.

Robyn used her TL Series Poles on a walking holiday in the Dolomites, Italy. "The hand grip is excellent – very comfortable and doesn’t get slippery when wet".

the only thing better than the quality of the gear is the quality of the service

Trekking in Tasmania and Nepal, Richard and his wife used Helinox TL Series poles.

A big step forward

Helinox TL Series walking poles are fixed length, ultra-lightweight, ultra-compact, strong and reliable. The TL Series poles are suited for general day walking carrying a light pack.

Through the use of DAC TH72M alloy and clever design, the Helinox TL Series is a big step forward in walking pole technology. These poles achieve entirely new levels of lightweight strength, compactness, operating simplicity and economy - making walking poles considerably more user-friendly than ever before.

TL Series fixed length walking poles are available in a choice of several model sizes to suit different body heights. The TLA130 model adds a limited amount of length adjustment.

TL Series Walking Poles

they certainly helped me summit!

John reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, using Helinox TL Series walking poles

TL Series Walking Poles

Simple & easy

TL Series features:

  • Ultra lightweight with the strength of DAC TH72M alloy - the world’s best alloy for poles.
  • One press button operation, very quick and simple assemble & disassemble.
  • Quality foam grips with "wicking" wrist straps.
  • Solidly mounted tungsten carbide tips.
  • Velcro strap holds sections togther when compacted. Strap wraps neatly around handle when pole is in use.
  • Supplied with operating instructions, rubber tip covers and walking pole guidebook.
  • Extremely compact for stowing - ideal for walkers who travel.

TL Series operation:

  • Tension Lock (TL) mechanism secures folding sections together.
  • Internal cord is tensioned as upper section is extended.
  • Single button lock secures cord tension.
  • Button is depressed for instant tension release to fold and compact.

TLA130 operation:

In addition to folding sections, this model has a twist lock in the upper handle section. This gives a limited range of length adjustment (117 cm to 130 cm).


TL105 TL115 TL125 TLA130
Locking mechanism: Tension lock Tension lock Tension lock Tension lock plus twist lock for length adjustment
Packed length: 33 cm 35 cm 38 cm 37 cm
Length in use: 105cm 115 cm 125 cm 117 cm to 130 cm
Weight per pole: 152 grams 156 grams 164 grams 184 grams
Stowage method: Folding Folding Folding Folding & telescopic
Suited to walkers: 145 to 160 cm 160 to 175 cm high 175 to 190 cm high 170 to 200 cm high
Pole material: TH72M alloy by DAC
Warranty: 5 years

Note: The pole length recommended is for young, fit and experienced trekkers. If you are older, nursing an injury or just looking to get more "lift" assistance from the poles - a shorter pole may be better.

TL Series Walking Poles