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Chair Two Rocking Chair

This chair rocks!

Chair Two is blend between the iconic Chair One and our larger Sunset Chair. The optional rocking feet add a new dimension to lightweight portable comfort!




Packed Weight:



Chair Two Rocking Chair

Video: Chair Two and Rocking Foot

Assembling Chair Two with the optional rocking feet attachment.

Chair Two Rocking Chair

Best of both worlds

Chair Two is an evolution of the award-winning Chair One.

Compared to Chair One, Chair Two is slightly wider, deeper and adds the tall back similar to Sunset Chair.

The taller back rest means the carry bag can be filled with padding (eg: a rolled up towel) and attached to the chair back as a neck pillow. In this configuration the back rest suits persons up to 170 cm in height.

The optional Air & Foam Headrest can also be used. Because of its light weight, this can be attached higher on the chair back than the carry bag. Mounting the Air & Foam Headrest high on the chair back will suit persons up to 180 cm in height.

This Chair Rocks!

What makes a comfy camp chair even more comfortable? Rocking!

Sit back and soak up the warmth of the camp fire while you enjoy the rhythmic motion that only a rocking chair can provide. The optional rocking feet are easily fitted and are designed with a long tail to prevent the chair tipping backwards.


Assembled Packed
Height: 84 cm** 12 cm
Width: 54 cm 42 cm
Depth: 68 cm 10 cm
Weight: 1070 grams 1185 grams
Capacity: 145 kg
Ground to seat base*: Approx 25 cm
Attachment points: Carry bag has two large loops and webbing ladder
Frame: TH72M alloy by DAC
Instructions: Printed on inside of carry bag
Warranty: 5 years

All dimensions and weights are without the rocking foot attachment.

*Approximate distance from ground to lowest point of seat base when chair is empty.

** Rocking foot adds approx 3 cm to overall height.

Chair Two Rocking Chair