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Helinox outdoor adventure equipment

Lightest. Strongest.

Helinox leads the world in innovative lightweight equipment for the outdoor adventurer.

Helinox walking poles, trekking umbrellas, ultra lightweight camping chairs, tables, beds and tent pegs are at the cutting edge of technical design. They are also the lightest and strongest available. If it must be strong and lightweight, Helinox is the best.

Helinox chair one

The world's first truly portable camp chairs

Every outdoor adventurer has dreamed of a comfortable camp chair that is light enough and compact enough to carry in a backpack. Luxury in the wilderness is now a reality.

Helinox Chair One was awarded 'best outdoor adventure accessory' at the 2013 international ISPO awards. It is the world's most portable chair with lounge room comfort.

Camp Tables & Beds

The Ultralight Table and Cot One camp bed offer new ways to civilise the outdoors. Now you can dine in comfort and sleep up off the ground. All with Helinox's trademark lightweight strength and easy to use design.

Walking poles

Helinox poles are stronger, lighter, easier to operate and more compact - the universal FIRST CHOICE for the experienced outdoor adventurer.

We generally suggest fixed length super compact folding poles where appropriate because they are even easier to operate, even lighter, even more compact when folded and they are also cheaper.

You might prefer adjustable length poles. Our ultra lightweight LB135 is more technically advanced and simpler to adjust than anything else available. The FL120 is the lightest full strength adjustable pole available.

Trekking umbrellas

Umbrellas can keep the rain off without wearing waterproof clothing that can restrict movement and create perspiration. Umbrellas can provide cooling shade and make a temporary shelter, but most umbrellas fall to bits when the going gets tough. Not so with the Helinox trekking umbrella - super tough and super light!

Tent pegs

The Helinox J-Stake tent peg by DAC Featherlite is generally acclaimed as the world's best ultra lightweight tent peg and is standard equipment on all the best quality tents from Europe and the USA. Use these pegs for backpack camping on the week-end. Then have fun at work on Monday by challenging the office "macho man" to bend this amazingly strong piece of ultra lightweight engineering.

We're available if you want to talk

If you need to know more about us, about Helinox equipment or just want some advice on outdoor adventure equipment, please give us a phone call - 8:00 am to 6:00 pm six days a week (we're in the bush on Sundays). Our toll free phone number is 1800 925 525.