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Free Walking Poles Guidebook

Poles - a better way

How to get more benefit from using walking poles or trekking poles.

Bushwalkers know that walking poles provide extra stability to prevent falls and stumbles when the going gets rough. Most understand that poles take the load off tired legs (especially knees on steep descents) to make tougher walks easier.

However, not everyone is aware that the skilled use of poles when bushwalking can also improve general health and fitness.

The health and fitness benefits that poles provide can be significant - enough to reduce the need for health care! That's why European health insurers pay for their clients to attend training courses in pole walking technique.

Some training is required because the skills that provide these health and fitness benefits are not instinctive. They are simple and very easy to learn, but they do need some explanation.

There are also some issues of safety - e.g. engaging properly with the wrist straps to avoid hand injury.

The Australian Bushwalker's Guide to Trekking Poles is a "down to earth" illustrated guide that will help you get more out of your walking poles. To order your FREE copy, simply fill out the form below and we will send you a copy in the mail. Or you can download the PDF file below.

We also provide bulk copies of this useful guide to be distributed to members of bushwalking clubs and other interested associations. Please contact us if your club/association would like copies.


Australian-Bushwalkers-Guide-to-Trekking-Poles-2013.pdf [772.75 KB]
The Australian Bushwalkers Guide to Trekking Poles

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